Saturday, August 28, 2010

Halo: Reach Live Action Trailer (Extended)

This is not a movie itrs a game. Possibly one of the last greatest Halo games that will ever be made again. I love these Live Action Trailers for a video they are so sweet looking. I have watched this like 15 times, I cant wait for this to come out, as soon as it does im grabbing it up. The Beta was BADASS, I cant even tell you how sweet it was for a 360 game.

In this Trailer it is Prior to reach If I remeber the books right, but it is still supr bad ass. im still trying to learn how to do multy youtubes in a post if any one can comment and help.

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  1. Cool trailer bro. Just stopping by to check out all of your blog for today. Hope you can stop by mine too. =)